PDF Password Recovery

PDF Password Recovery is the most powerful PDF cracker to recover lost or forgotten password of protected PDF document (*.pdf). Quickly search for the user/open password to your encrypted PDF file using the most popular password-cracking methods: Brute-force attack, Mask attack and Dictionary attack. Simply select your PDF file and wait for a few minutes while your password is recovered.

Key Features & Benefits

* Support all versions of Adobe Acrobat, including Acrobat 9.
* Support PDF files created by other PDF applications.
* Recover lost or forgotten PDF password of any length and complexity.
* Recover the user password which protects the PDF file from opening by others.
* Offer various recovery methods: Brute-force attack, Mask attack or Dictionary attack.
* Take advantage of multi-threading technology to speed up the recovery process.
* User-friendly interface. It is quite easy to use.
* FREE update.